There is a new trend of adding creativity and off the bit ideas running popular in the market of interior decoration. One of the major changes has come in the concept of traditional toilet paper holders. There are many unique and unusual designs of toilet tissue holders are available in market besides the vintage designs of brass and wooden tissue holders. Here some of the unusual toilet paper holder designs are suggested for those who are redecorating their house.

  • Diabolo toilet reel holder: Leaving aside the traditional designs of tissue holders, this one is gaining popularity in no time. Its quick adjustable, fixed in one place and is easy to handle, yet its slick and comes in a combination of bright colours. The operation of the holder is depended on the diabolic spinning top of it. Many people are already in love with this unusual toilet paper holder.
  • Fishing reel toilet paper holder: For people who love fishing, this is a must have unique piece of craft to be added in the toilet. A wooden fishing reel, with the tissue holder in the centre pole is the best example of creative ideas one can have. Lovely even for those who don’t enjoy fishing much.
  • Photographic film toilet paper holder: Some of us are really miss the good old days of still cameras and photographic reels. For those here is an unusual toilet paper holder which resembles with the photographic reels. The holder is of same design only larger than that. It comes with a unique tissue reel same as the photographic reels. Amazing creation!

With Shelf

Brushed Brass

The list is never ending. The more people are using creativity, the more new unusual designs of toilet paper holders are coming up. Everyone has a different taste, so there is a unique design available for everyone.

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