Victorian ClothFashion Clothinging Victorian Dress

Wear s Victorian dress with Victorian hat, shoes, parasol.

The Natural Waist and Large Sleeves Fashions

See detailed pictures of both a womens and childs s clothing and accessories.

How did young girls keep warm during the Victorian era?

Black clothing was not only for funerals in the Victorian era.

s lady was a vision of elegance in beautiful gowns.

Trimmed with frills, feathers, flowers, and ribbons.

Collection of s Victorian dresses, front/back views.

Digital reprint of rare Victorian clothing catalog.

Stepbystep description of clothing worn by a Victorian lady, from undergarments to dress.

A magnificent example of late th century shion.

Paisley shawls were in shion from .

th century shions, wealth, opulence in New York.

Mens, womens, and childrens garments and accessories.

Evening dresses are r during the s regarding ornamentation.

The proper Victorian clothing for travel in .

s ushered in a new sleeve. The Victorian blouse featured high full sleeves.

Fashioned with silk, velvet, beads, fur and fringe.

Womens s day dresses had bell shaped skirts formed with cartridge pleating.

Queen Alexandra and Prince Edwards royal garments.

Silk, embroidered brics, lace and silk ribbons.

Civil War era hairs and headdresses show how to dress Victorian.

French midth century ladys carriage parasol.

Charming Victorian headdress of ribbon and blonde lace.

Intended for bedroom or dressingroom wear only.

A wardrobe of shions from morning to evening events.

Embroidered silk ladies robe shows Victorian opulence.

Widebrimmed bonnets trimmed with frills, feathers, flowers, and ribbons.

Pattern is for a slipper with silk embroidery.

Illustrated history of the crinoline or hoop skirt.

A queens vacation retreat influenced Victorian shion.

Millinery was a respecle occupation for women.

Fancy dress masquerade party costumes for children.

A necessity for the s Victorian dress.

How to dress Victorian children hats, dresses, boys clothing.

Pattern for Victorian undersleeves in French embroidery.

Various s of shawls, a treat for collectors.

No shionable Victorian bridal party was complete without small boys as s.

Pictures of riding dresses, hats and accessories.

Outdoor Fashions for the sThe pelisse was a longenduring shion in the first decades of the th century.

Victorian clothing is featured in photographs, prints, and articles everything to help dress the part of the elegant Victorian lady, gentleman, or child. Colorful antique shion prints show th century clothing from the Victorian period. Step by step description of clothing worn by the th century lady, starting with her undergarments to her dress. Find Victorian hats trimmed with feathers, flowers and ribbons a musthave shion accessory. Evening gowns, dresses, hats and bonnets from the years of Pride and Prejudice.

Fashions for sports golf, swimming, biking, ice skating.

Vibrant antique bric samples help bring period shion illustrations to life.

A time when the wrong outfit could lead to disgrace and scandal.

Elegant gown is draped in marabou feather trimmings.

Fancy dress costumes for a Victorian ncy dress party.

The proper Victorian clothing to be worn for mourning period?

Elaborate ncy dress party for New York society.

Victorian robes of silk, lace, buttons and tassels.

Victorian mourning and funeral customs and etiquette.

Death Becomes Her A Century of Mourning Attire

Perfect Christmas gift for Civil War reenactor?

Showcased are breathtaking Victorian evening dresses from the s.

HM Queen Alexandras Victorian silk shoes.

Fashions made with poisonous dyes and chemicals.

Victorian ball gowns and dresses from the s.

Dressing a Victorian lady begins with layers of undergarments.

Do you know what to wear and how to act at a Victorian Ball?

What effect did an Italian revolutionary have on Victorian shion?

The notorious th century Victorian bloomers.

Victorian girls dress from an original pattern.Victorian ClothFashion Clothinging Victorian Dress